Last week some information were passed in WhatsApp groups across all the universities and and whatApp groups for organisations about the bitter Alshabab attack.. They said they are targeting the big malls in Nairobi and attack one of the famous universities.. Probably Nairobi university.. This tension though many take it for granted as fake information and is just there.. The attacking dates nerver known, that is because they are just passing information to keep the awareness and people to watch out.. The big question is?? Where is this information coming from and who is to blame.. Why should search people continue threatening millions of life’s and yet they are among us.. It is great mourn to have inhuman treatment of people who share same backgrounds and skin colour. Kenyans are known to take things slightly with ignorance,now that the information is passed to keep awareness, Kenyans are still in the phase that this is a fake information which could probably be..

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